WONDER By R.J. Palacio

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Sometimes illness or situations in life make people uncomfortable when someone is “different” than us or when someone may be struggling. What advice do you have for other people to look beyond the outside appearance of people and recognize the values, hopes and dreams that we all share?

1) How did the book change the way you feel about outward appearances of other teens or people? What do you like and appreciate the most about the main character, August Pullman (“Auggie”)?

2) What are Auggie’s signature strengths?

3) Throughout the book, you observe many acts of kindness. List some of the things you most enjoyed from each of these characters and what character strengths you appreciated the most about each person. (Summer, Auggie’s loyal friend; Mr. Tushman, the Principal; Olivia (“Via”) Pullman, Auggie’s sister; Auggie’s parents: Isabel and Nate; Jack Will, Auggie’s best friend; How did these kind actions inspire you to be more of your best possible self?

4) There were many times that strangers or mean people like Julian, the primary antagonist, did things that were insensitive and cruel just to hurt Auggie’s feelings and to make them feel superior. Sometimes strangers laugh or point at someone who is physically or mentally different than they are, because these people don’t know what to do or say. We’ve all witnessed acts of meanness and disrespect whether in school, on the sports field, or in TV shows or movies. List five examples when you “caught someone in the act of doing something nice.”

5) Write a message to Auggie telling him what you appreciate the most about him.

6) List five examples of when you did something kind for another person or a stranger.