Three Good Things
A Daily Exercise to Build Gratitude

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gratitudeGratitude opens your heart and inspires you to give back to others. Sometimes these things are so fleeting that it is easy to take them for granted. Today we’re going to pay attention to GRATITUDE in order to find joy and appreciation for the simple little things that happen each day. 

Gratitude is one of the 24 universal character strengths that are part of what make each person unique. Take a few minutes and write down several things for which you are grateful. Do you have any ideas to share with your friends and family? When you start thinking about and talking about gratitude, it actually starts to make you feel more positive and hopeful.

Sometimes we need to be reminded to “tune in” to things we may take for granted or not notice, such as the clear blue sky, someone holding the door for you or someone smiling at you.

What can you do to notice things and appreciate more in everyday situations? What can you do to “pay it forward” and do something kind (a good deed) for someone else? The Three Good Things exercise will help you get started.

Let’s Get Started:
1. Close your eyes and think about your day. Think about three good things that happened today. Write them down.
2. Share this activity with someone else. Take turns sharing what you are grateful for each day (at dinner, before bed, when you wake up in the morning). Repeat the exercise every day this week. See how many new things you can come up with!

Be on the look-out for things you are grateful for each day.
Notice what others do or say that make you feel good.
Notice things and people in your world for which you are grateful.
“Pay it Forward” – do something kind for someone else that will most likely be appreciated.