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Fault in our stars

Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters (“Gus”) are both dealing with cancer and the medical challenges of their illness.

1) What character strengths do Hazel and Gus embody?

2) What inspires you the most about each of these characters?

3) There are other characters in the book who do kind things. (Hazel’s mom and dad, Lidewij, the nice lady who worked for Mr. Van Houten). List the character strengths for each one of these people.

4) What are your signature strengths? Take the VIA Character Strengths test here to discover your very own character strengths. After you read the report of your top five signature strengths, list two ways you can use more of each of your signature strengths in the next two weeks.

5) Write down how you can use these strengths.

6) Hazel and Gus truly appreciate each other and the many blessings and positive things in their lives. What is the positive, hopeful message or lesson that you can take from The Fault in Our Stars?

7) This book contains many loving instances of kindness: between Hazel and Gus; the respect and love that Hazel’s parents express; and the love and loyalty that Gus shows his friend Isaac. Think about three acts of kindness that happened to you in the past for which you are grateful.

8) Write a Gratitude letter to someone you have not thanked for doing something (small or large) that made a difference in your life. The person can be a teacher, family member, friend or a stranger who did something kind.