SOARING into Strength: Love Transcends Pain, The Book
Would you love to have the inner strength to “Never give up,” and to inspire your family and friends to overcome life’s obstacles with grace, humor and courage?

While writing her memoir, songs naturally accompanied the stories of transformation in each chapter. So, Lisa created an inspirational playlist to share with you.

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Joselin Linder
Author, The Family Gene
“Whether tending to a blind duck at the local park or beating the crap out of bullies while they were attacking her younger brother, Buksbaum’s biting humor and indomitable spirit will inspire you to become the hero of your own life. After experiencing multiple setbacks and challenges, Lisa launched Soaringwords, a global movement to inspire millions of people to believe they are stronger than they ever imagined.”
Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar
Co-founder, Happiness Studies Academy
“SOARING into Strength is an authentic coming-of-age story that provides us with a much-needed compass to navigate life’s challenges. Lisa masterfully weaves sound advice with comforting stories—which is precisely what we all need, today more than ever.”
Dr. Bernard Beitman
Founder, Coincidence Project; visiting professor, University of Virginia; author, Connecting with Coincidence
“Infused with her expansive love and deeply lived knowing, Lisa Buksbaum’s elegantly inspiring words will soar into your hearts to transform the isolation of illness into loving connectedness. Her profound faith and several tumultuous life experiences opened up powerful synchronicities and pathways to creating this global healing organization that models how to take active roles in self-healing through compassion for others.”
About Lisa

Lisa always found herself in the role of a helper during times of crisis.

Since she was a child, Lisa wanted to help. Whether it was rescuing a blind duck at a park or defending her younger brother against bullying when he experienced severe asthma attacks.

As an adult, a phone call at 4 o’clock in the morning launched a trifecta of trauma that changed Lisa’s life forever.

Three experiences with death and illness occured in her family in just 10 months—her beloved brother died suddenly of an asthma-induced heart attack, her father was battling lymphoma, and her son became catastrophically ill. When her family’s world imploded, Lisa felt as if she had become irrevocably damaged.

Instead, she collided with her calling during a sunrise walk along the beach at the height of her son’s illness. Lisa heard the word Soaringwords, and suddenly knew why she was born.

Lisa channeled her passion and resilience into a global movement to inspire millions of people to never give up.

Her lifetime of experiences helping others through trauma, grief, illness, and setbacks—combined with her own personal experiences—led her to founding Soaringwords, a not-for-profit with the mission of inspiring children, families, adults, seniors, and health care professionals to take active roles in self healing to experience greater physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

In this memoir, readers will laugh and cry—often on the same page—as this feisty protagonist models how to become the hero of your own life through helping others and gratitude.
Today, Lisa is an internationally recognized Positive Psychology thought leader who has inspired more than 500,000 people. Wherever you are within your journey, this book is a must-read tool to provide illumination and inspiration as you seek to become the best version of yourself, even in the face of overwhelming obstacles.
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