SoaringValentines Frames

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Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th and it is a day to express your love to friends and family. For Valentine’s Day you can create a frame from various items you may have around your hospital room or home. Look around and imagine what you could turn into a frame for your special Valentines picture or message. Perhaps an empty tissue box, CD case, paper plate or some cardboard can be creatively and lovingly transformed into a unique frame for your Valentine. See more SoaringFrame samples.

 SoaringValentines Frame Materials: A frame or something to create a frame (an empty tissue box, a paper plate, cardboard, a CD case, etc.) Glue & tape Decorative materials such as markers, feathers, felt, sequins, pictures, ribbon, yarn, buttons, sea shells, foam shapes, wrapping paper, magazines, comic books, etc. A photograph or a hand made card to put in your frame for your Valentine.

Here’s How to Get Started:

1. Create a frame using found materials. Remember, your frame can be big or small, square, round or oddly shaped.

2. Decorate and personalize your frame by gluing fun and meaningful things to it.

3. Paste or tape a photo, drawing or message for your Valentine in the frame.

After You Finish Your SoaringValentines Frame: Give to your Valentine, repeat and give again! Happy Valentine’s Day!