SoaringLove Message for Someone Special

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2016_01_27_13_03_27002When you love someone or something it makes you feel really happy so your heart expands with joy. Many different cultures have LOVE symbols to communicate this powerful positive feeling.

  • Native Americans consider the Hummingbird to be a symbol of love
  • Chinese people think the Maple Leaf shows the sweetness of love
  • In Norway and Iceland, the Harp symbolizes love
  • Hinduism and Roman Mythology consider the Shell to be a love symbol
  • American Sign Language has the “I Love You” sign, which is depicted in the artwork on the left.

Today you are invited to make a special SoaringLove message and artwork to give to another patient to brighten his or her day. If you want, you can surprise someone in your family or your doctor or nurse by making your SoaringLove message just for them.

Here’s How to Ge2016_01_27_13_00_26003t Started:

  1. Think of things you love that make you happy. It could be your favorite stuffed animal or your pet or your favorite toy or anything that puts a smile on your face.
  2. Draw a picture of this to “give” to another person.
  3. Make a special message on the bottom of the page that completes this sentence “I drew this picture for you of a ______________. I am sending this to you with lots of Love!”
  4. Write your first name and age on the bottom of the page.

Do make your picture really big. Fill the entire page with your picture and message.
Do make your picture really bright and colorful.

After You Finish Your SoaringLove Message:
Give it to someone special like your mom, dad, brother or sister, friend, nurse, doctor or another child in the hospital.

Click here to download the activity and the border.