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Hieroglyphics were an early Egyptian alphabet of pictures and symbols taken from everyday life. Some of the letters are represented by animals such as owl, cobra and quail, other letters are represented by water, feathers, basket and even a foot. This is a way of communicating in pictures. In the 1820s scholars figured out how to decode the hieroglyphics and today we can read stories on the sides of pyramids and other buildings.
You are invited to share a cool message for a hospitalized child using the hieroglyphic key. We will post your message on

Here’s How to Get Started:

1.  Use Soaringwords Border to write your message.
2. Think about what you want your message to say to a hospitalized child. Write out a short message on a piece of scrap paper so you can see the messages that you will be translating into hieroglyphics.  Here are some suggestions:
  • Thinking of You
  • You are a Star
  • To Brighten Your Day
  • Hip Hip Hurray
  • Awesome!
  • Excellent!
  • You’re Important
  • Sending You a ___________(name the thing: rainbow, sunshine, etc.)
  • Sending You Love
  • Sending You a Giant Hug
  • Or, write your own message
Things NOT to Say:
  • Hope you get better soon
  • Get better soon
  • Get well soon
  • Hope you can go home soon
  • Hope you are not in pain
  • Don’t say anything religious like “God loves you…” or draw angels, since the patient may be from another religious background.
3. Now you are ready to write your message.  Use the translation chart below. For most cases, each hieroglyph stands for a sounds. For example, the hand represents the sound “d,” not the word “hand.”  Ancient Egyptian is from a different family of languages than English. There were sounds in ancient Egypt that do not exist in English. This is why some of the hieroglyphs are used to represent more than one letter in our alphabet. Here is an example:
4. Use markers and crayons to make your message colorful.
5. Lastly, write your name in hieroglyphics at the bottom of your awesome ancient message.  You can also create an Egyptian inspired artwork.  See what other children have made here.