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A flip book is a book with a series of pictures or drawings that vary gradually from one page to the next so that when the pages are turned rapidly it creates the illusion of motion. The first flip book was made in 1869 by John Barnes Linnet under the name of kinograph (“moving picture”). This idea of moving pictures was the way that early movies were created as well. Audiences would see the image “move” across the screen when actually individual slides, or frames, would be shown in quick succession. You can make a flip book to show growth (a tree, person, flower) to show movement (running up stairs, walking, jumping, a bouncing ball, flying) and express feelings (show a smile forming, a heart growing).

Untitled from Soaringwords on Vimeo.

SoaringFlip Book Materials:

1. Un-lined Index Cards or a small notebook with stiff pages 2. Pencil, crayons or markers 3. Large binder clip

Here’s How to Get Started:

1. Think about the book you want to make. Who or what are you going to draw? Keep it very simple as you will be drawing the picture many times. What is going to happen or change in the book? (What will grow, change or move?). How are you going to show this action, change or growth? Practice your pictures and ideas on a scarp piece of paper.

2. Draw a picture on the 1st index card (Note: You can make your book front to back or back to front.) Note: Once you begin drawing on the cards or mini notebook, be sure to draw all of your pictures on the right half of the page so they are easily seen once the book is bound on the left side and flipped.

3. On the 2nd index card, draw the same picture, though in a slightly different position (moved over or up a bit or changed in some small way).

4. On each of the following pages, be sure to have your picture gradually change, heading in the directions you want to “move”. You can check your progress by flipping the book to see how it looks. 5. When you are finished with all of your pictures, clip the pictures together in order with the binder clip, flip and enjoy!

After You Finish Your Flip Book: You can share this book with friends and family. Send us a photo or video of your Flip Book! Here are more samples of Flip Books!


Untitled from Soaringwords on Vimeo.

Untitled from Soaringwords on Vimeo.

Untitled from Soaringwords on Vimeo.