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For centuries, people have taken comfort and joy as they gazed at the night sky and were able to recognize clusters of stars known as constellations.

You are going to help someone feel more hopeful and positive when they get your SoaringConstellations messages and artwork.

 The cool thing about Constellations is the stars make up a pattern.

See samples of SoaringConstellations.

Here’s How to Get Started:

1. Choose what kind of Constellation you want to make today:
          a. Animal-shaped
          b. Object-shaped
          c. People-shaped
          d. Invent your own Constellation

2. Write the name of your Constellation on the top of the page and then draw your SoaringConstellation within SoaringConstellations border, using lots of colors.

3.  Fill in the bottom lines with a message for a special person. When you are done, share this finished artwork with the person you chose.

Do make your picture really big. Fill the entire page with your picture and message.
Do make your picture really bright and colorful.  
Do have fun!

 pegasus Queen lion Little Bear herculesInvent Your Own Constellation