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Sean had a heart transplant when he was three years old. We met him at a school-wide service learning day as 407 students created SoaringMurals to brighten the waiting rooms at Beth Israel Medical Center.  During the activity Sean told Lisa, “When I was a baby I lived in the hospital for years. I know that this is not simply an art project, it is a lifeline that will let hospitalized children and their families know that they are not alone.”

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Sean stood up at the Closing Ceremony in front of all of the students in elementary, middle and high school and told them his story and thanked them for being part of the project. The gym erupted in applause and the students and teachers gave him a standing ovation. Sean spoke at many of our events sharing his courage and his positive message about doing something nice for other people. Watch SoaringChampion Sean inspiring teens to make a difference.

See Sean speak at Soaringwords event, 3:55 time code: