Saying I LOVE YOU in Sign Language

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Grandma Faye was my heroine. When I was a little girl, she was my favorite person in the world. “I am so proud of you.” She used to say this all the time. Once I learned how to say it in sign language, I used to say it back to her. I always remember my Grandma Faye’s encouragement and positive attitude. Although she was born deaf she never felt sorry for herself. She led a complete and interesting life, traveled to many countries, volunteered to help others, and loved being with her family. Her hands were her lifelines through sign-language she communicated. She also cooked amazing meals and knitted. She was always knitting. I have so many blankets that she made for me and my brother. Grandma Faye won an award for helping others. I remember going to the awards ceremony where she was given a gold pendant with her name engraved on the back. A few years later, when I went to college in another state she gave me the locket. When I played my guitar she would rest her hand on the base of the guitar in order to feel the vibration. She’d smile and fully enjoy our time together. She’d feel the joy by looking in my eyes. Grandma was grateful for what she had and spent time helping others less fortunate than herself. “I LOVE YOU.”  When I was fourteen years old I made Grandma Faye a birthday card with the universal sign for “I LOVE YOU” embossed on the card. People loved this card, it had a place of honor on her refrigerator, of course. Many of her friends asked her where they could buy this card. My parents gave me the $200 needed to print the cards and I started my first business, Lisa Card Creations. I sold these cards to gift shops and museum stores and deaf clubs around the country. I would sit at the kitchen table answering letters from customers and filling orders, this was before computers and the Internet were invented.  I would place ten cards into a plastic baggie and tie each bag with a blue wool ribbon. Grandma Faye’s legacy inspires me every day because on some basic level, I believe that Soaringwords is all about telling millions of ill children and their families I LOVE YOU  and inspiring them to do something kind to help others. Helen Keller said, “The best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched they simply must be felt with the heart.”