Louise Hunter

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We would like to nominate our dear friend Louise Hunter as a SoaringHeroine. Louise is our home care and hospice nurse who has cared for our most precious little people and their families during what is undoubtedly the most difficult time of their lives, and the most unimaginable for the rest of us.  As pediatric oncology caregivers, we often hear people say “I could never do what you do” or “I don’t know how you can handle it”.  Louise is the person who says “I‘ll do whatever you need.”  Of course our hope and our goal for every child is a cure for their cancer and a long and happy life and fortunately that is exactly the outcome for many, many children.  But for those children who don’t get to go to first grade or their prom or learn to drive or ride a bike or fall in love, Louise is the person who inspires them to dream new dreams, to hold on to their faith and their hope and to believe that tomorrow can be a better day. She is the friend who, on a sunny day, takes a five year old to the park, the friend who whispers in the teenager’s ear that she will continue to keep in touch with a family and make sure they have help when they need it, and the confidante and reliever of fears too dark to share with anyone else, for fear of the pain it may cause other loved ones.   “Never giving up” means different things to different people throughout a battle with cancer. Louise is a heroine to us because she teaches people that “letting go” does not mean giving up and often is the most courageous act of all.  Louise Hunter is a registered nurse for Sacred Heart Home Care and Hospice in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She is nominated by Karen Agrippine RN, Rose Schenk LSW and Annmarie Steber RN at The Pediatric Specialty Center hematology/oncology department in Bethlehem,PA.