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Soaringwords is the only organization that motivates ill children and their families to “pay it forward” through pro-social activities which foster altruism, reciprocity, well-being and resilience. When a child or teen who is grappling with illness engages in a Soaringwords’ activity to donate to another person, it redirects his or her thoughts away from the “self” and the sadness that surrounds their current situation and inspires them to soar.


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Take pride in your organization’s commitment to your employees and the well being of patients around the world. Visit our Community Partners Pay it Forward page for more information!

Heroes & Heroines Pay it Forward

These brave young patients have endured so much and yet have so much love in their hearts to Pay it Forward to others in need.
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Positive Energy-Generating Activities

Soaringwords activities are specifically designed to capture loving, positive energy from an individual and transfer that energy to patients suffering from illness.
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