Embodied Positive Psychology Summit

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Move2Love, Thriving and SOARING

Presented by:
Lisa Buksbaum, CEO & Founder, Soaringwords, Master’s Applied Positive Psychology, from The University of Pennsylvania. Student at the American Institute for Mental Imagery under the direction of Dr. Gerald Epstein. Author of SOARING into Strength: The Positive Psychology Approach to Help Children Heal. 
Elaine O’Brien, PhD-Psychology of Human Movement: Kinesiology and MAPP: Masters of Applied Positive Psychology; American Council on Exercise – Gold Certification in Lifestyle and Weight Management and Group Fitness.

Appreciative movement (physical and imaginal) can literally transform people’s lives, leading them to positive health, healing, embodiment, and post-traumatic growth. (O’Brien, 2016). Positive rhythmic movement stimulates the possibilities for PERMA: positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishment (Seligman, 2011) across life domains, lifting up, helping, healing, inspiring. Imagery work is a micro-intervention requiring seconds or minutes, leading to profound and lasting change (Epstein, 1989). When people dance/move together, enjoy music and share social support, it leads to a positive cascading impact on wellness (Ben Shahar, 2007; Hefferon, 2013, O’Brien, 2016). Elaine O’Brien, Ph.D., MAPP, 2008 and Lisa Honig Buksbaum, MAPP, 2013, have led thousands of participants, across the lifespan, through positive interventions built upon the healing and energizing modalities of aerobic dance, movement, expressive arts, performance, and sports medicine in order to awaken heightened compassion, creativity, joy and radiant health. In this experiential workshop, these positive psychology practitioners will share hands-on empirically validated exercises from their latest initiatives. Further, they will be advancing the Wholebeing Institute’s SPIRE model, spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional well-being, as a model of whole happiness through applied movement and positive emotion in motion.

You will learn about positive interventions, helping, healing strategies and outcomes demonstrating how imagery, movement and expressive arts play an active role in enhancing whole health and vibrancy across the lifespan, how appreciative movement is a catalyst for Wholebeing, and how to design strategies for incorporating imaginal and physical movement into your wellness program. The workshop will start with five centering imagery exercises (Love Connection with your Heart; Emotional umbilical cord to someone dear to you; Tree of Life; Catch the Rainbow; and Healing Waterfall) to cleanse and calm you and conclude with a hands-on joy-inspired, experiential Move2Love and Thriving peak ending, inviting participants to join in an embodied, positive movement experience together. 

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Date(s) - May 2, 2017
10:15 am - 10:30 am

Kirpalu Center for Yoga and Health

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