Digging Deep Journal

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Soaringwords is proud to introduce a 9 part Soaringwords Book Club video series based on DIGGING DEEP A Journal for Young People Facing Health Challenges written by Rose Offner & Sheri Brisson.

Journaling is proven to enhance a patient’s sense of well-being as writing about the narratives of our lives is one of the most powerful means available for moving toward greater happiness (Tomasulo and Pawelski, 2012).

Three author interview videos share personal stories and pointers to using the journal. We created a special video for patients, a separate video for parents, and a third video for healthcare providers.

The authors combined their talents and experience — Rose is a successful author and Sheri is a brain-tumor survivor and successful businesswoman.

Soaringwords filmed six Digging Deep activity videos with patients and families at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in California and Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx. These creative hands-on activity videos include Life Awards You where patients give themselves an award for being courageous, kind, or resilient; 100 Dreams and Desires; Good Fortunes where patients write their own fortune cookie messages; and Taking Out the Trash.

When patients engage in these projects it enhances their well-being. Interested in Digging Deep? Contact sheri@resonancehouse.org

Authors Interview for Young Adults:

Authors Interview for Parents:

Authors Interview for Healthcare Providers:

Digging Deep Journal: Once Upon a Time

Digging Deep Journal: Good Fortunes

Digging Deep Journal: 100 Dreams and Desires

Digging Deep Journal: Tricks Up My Sleeves

Digging Deep Journal: Throwing Out the Trash

Give Yourself an Award