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Sean is our hero. He had a heart transplant when he was three years old. His heart is a mile wide because he is someone who always wants to keep others feel loved and supported. We met Sean at The Churchill School where every student in the school made SoaringMurals for kids in local hospital. Lisa invited Sean to share his story with the entire school at the Closing Award ceremony. When Sean explained what it was like to be in the hospital and thanked his classmates on behalf of ill kids they gave him a standing ovation. It was really cool. Sean has spoken at many events sharing his courage and positive message about doing something nice for other people.



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Pedro is 15 years old and lives with his mother, sisters and brother. Pedro believes that courage is “to be strong and believe in yourself. To never give up. I am courageous because I believe in these things.” In spite of some visual and hearing impairments, Pedro is a positive, active person with many talents. “I like to draw, go fishing, bike riding, and play basketball.” We are grateful that Pedro has shared his artwork and message of courage with Soaringwords kids.


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I am exactly seven and three quarters. I will be eight really soon. My favorite things are playing with my friends and being with my family. My brother is almost four. He is annoying and cute at the same time but I love him a lot. I like seeing Aesop’s Fables because the pictures move. I like the cool artwork from the kids that is on the site. I love to swim because it is fun and I love the water. I’m sure I didn’t get this from my dad because he hates getting his toes wet! My mom was a lifeguard when she was young so she loves swimming. I love skating and really like the computer. I am handling my leukemia by being strong. Some of the time, I pretend that I don’t have it. Sometimes I forget that I even have leukemia. Everyone thinks that I am really strong because I am. That makes me feel really good.





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When a child is ill, siblings, classmates and the entire community is affected. People want to do something positive to show love and support. Often people don’t know what to do or say to help, so they don’t do anything. In between Taylor’s chemotherapy treatments, her entire family — sisters Ryan and Cory and her parents — invited people to come together to do something kind for other hospitalized children. On a bright sunny morning, 200 friends, neighbors and classmates came together for a celebration at the local elementary school. Everyone decorated 200 quilts and pillows to donate to hospitalized children at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. Taylor and her family were grateful to deliver all of the quilts and pillows to patients in order to “pay it forward” and share the love. After Taylor’s second lung surgery she told her mom, “I feel lucky because if I hadn’t gotten sick I wouldn’t have spent so much time with my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends. Mostly, I feel lucky because I probably never would have known how many people love me… and care.”

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