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When confronting your child’s illness, it can be a harrowing, exhausting and isolating time.  You want to be strong for your child. You might be anxious and stressed, having only a limited amount of time, if any, for yourself. “Normal” life is turned upside down. As a result, people frequently lose touch with their inner core, the strong foundation that is their essence.

We’ve searched worldwide to find and learn from leaders in four important disciplines: Mind, Body and Wellness; Counseling; Education and Motivational Coaching. The teachings of these experts will give you the strength and support you need during challenging and difficult times. Soaringwords’ articles and exercises will take only minutes and yet will transform your mindset and increase your overall health. Another benefit of  these resources is the positive impact they can have on your entire family circle.  These articles can help you identify and express what is important to you, your children and your loved ones and to let go of the things that drain you physically and emotionally.

Please visit us often to read new postings  and to watch videos from experts  who can provide much needed wisdom and support to help you choose the most positive path.