SOARING into Strength: Seven Positive Psychology Workshops to Help You Flourish and Heal

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SOARING into Strength Workshops will teach you how to implement positive interventions into your personal and professional life. You will come away understanding many proven, healing strategies that will benefit you, your family, friends and co-workers. Workshops do not employ medical jargon and can be enjoyed by adults, children and teens, inviting everyone to take active roles in healing and developing their own sense of self-worth and belonging.  Each workshop comes with a comprehensive SOARING into Strength workbook.   

Track One:
 Seven Tuesday nights from 8pm to 9:30pm EST
Dates: October 10, 17, 24, 31. November 7, 14, 21. Click here to register.

Track Two: Seven Wednesday afternoons from 12 to 1:30pm EST
Dates: October 11, 18, 25. November 1, 8, 15, 29. Click here to register.

SOARING into Strength Workshops will give you tools and strategies you need to:

  • DISCOVER how to tap into your inner strength and wisdom
  • EXPERIENCE powerful proven positive psychology exercises that you can use whenever you need insight, clarity and resilience
  • LEARN how you can incorporate new scientific breakthroughs from leading experts in positive psychology into your daily life
  • INTEGRATE the learning with hands-on exercises during each workshop and use these approaches to enhance your health and well-being

Positive Psychology is the study of what’s right with people vs. traditional psychology that explores what’s wrong with people. Founded by Dr. Martin Seligman thirty years ago, this blossoming field has attracted the leading scientists in the world to help people experience more flourishing and well-being.  Lisa Buksbaum is one of 400 people in the world who graduated from Dr. Seligman’s Masters of Applied Positive Psychology program, at the University of Pennsylvania.  Lisa has created videos and positive interventions collaborating with dozens of the top Positive Psychology practitioners in the world.

All Soaringwords’ workshops and trainings are based on the SOARING into Strength Positive Health model that consists of seven components:

Shifting: You can do something to create a positive shift in your attitude, your body, and overall well-being. Learn about Post Traumatic Growth and how serious setbacks actually allow us to appreciate five positive outcomes that change our lives for the better. 

Optimism: You can choose to find good things to notice and celebrate even when times are difficult or painful. Discover how to avoid the Seven Thinking Traps. Learn about Optimistic Explanatory Style and how you can change the way you think and speak in order to experience less negativity in your life and the lives of your family members.

Altruism: You can gain a sense of control, calm, and purpose by sharing your creativity, kindness, character strengths, and hope with others. Learn about High Quality Connections, Active Constructive Listening, and the powerful benefits that Pay-it-forward will have on enhancing your well-being and strengthening your relationships.

Resiliency: You have the capacity to flourish in the face of difficulty. Learn about GRIT and how to become grittier to overcome challenges and obstacles.

Imagery: You can tap into your inner knowledge to heal through Imagery: a micro-intervention requiring seconds or minutes, leading you to profound and lasting change.

Narrative: You can heal though the power of positive storytelling, journal writing, and reading positive stories.

Gratitude: The most beneficial of all positive emotions you can choose to experience moments of appreciation, even in the midst of challenges. You will learn about the Gratitude Letter and How to do a Successful Gratitude Visit, How to enhance your Gratitude Frequency and Gratitude Density.

Lisa Honig Buksbaum is a passionary: a visionary driven by great passion and action. She is an intuitive healer and well-loved inspirational speaker who has shared her wisdom with thousands of people throughout the world. Three experiences with death and illness in her family during a ten-month period motivated her to launch Soaringwords, a not-for-profit organization she founded to inspire millions of ill children and their families to “Never give up!” Since 2001, Lisa has shared her SOARING into Strength success strategies with over 500,000 people through Soaringwords. She’s been featured as an expert on ABC News, Fortune Small Business, USA Today, and Delta Sky Magazine. Soaringwords’ mission is to embrace hospitalized children, as well as their families and health care professionals, to encourage positive health and healing. Soaringwords provides fun, creative and educational modules based on concepts in positive psychology that enhance well-being. Soaringwords is unique in that it inspires each child and adult to “pay it forward” to help others. This approach fosters altruism, hope, optimism and resilience. 

Lisa has been a keynote speaker, moderator, and panelist at dozens of professional conferences including the International Positive Psychology Association; European Positive Psychology Conference; International Positive Education Network; UJA Healing Conference; and BRITE Conference on Innovation and Technology. Lisa has led workshops at dozens of Fortune 50 companies such as Johnson & Johnson; Facebook; Google; JPMorgan Chase; New York Life, and Verizon. She is an intuitive healer working closely with people to connect to their inner wisdom in order to heal through imagery. Lisa has been in touch with her prophetic inner knowing from a young age. Lisa graduated with honors from The University of Pennsylvania; holds an MBA in Marketing from Columbia University; and a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from The University of Pennsylvania. She is a student at the American Institute for Mental Imagery under the direction of Dr. Gerald Epstein. She is the author of SOARING into Strength: The New Science Approach to Help You Heal that will be published in 2018.