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2016_03_31_14_45_35003Idioms are expressions that use nature or animals or common actions to make a point in a fun and dramatic way. When something comes easy to you without too much effort you might say, “it was a piece of cake” meaning that it was simple. If someone says “a penny for your thoughts” they want to know what you are thinking.

Choose an idiom below or think of your favorite expression to make a message and artwork to give to your nurse, someone in your family, or another hospitalized child. Your gift will “Make someone’s heart sing!” which means it will make them feel really happy (and make you feel great as well).




Choose an expression or think of your own:
2016_03_31_14_45_35002At the drop of a hat:
without hesitation, right away
Ball is in your court: it’s up to you to make the next decision
Best thing since sliced bread: a great idea or invention
Can’t judge a book by its cover: cannot judge based on appearances
On the ball: when someone understands the situation well
Once in a blue moon: when something happens rarely
Raining cats and dogs: heavy rain 
See eye to eye: when two or more people agree on something
Sitting on the fence: when someone does not want to choose or make a decision
Take it with a grain of salt: not taking something too seriously
To hear it straight from the horse’s mouth: right from the source



2016_03_31_14_45_35001Here’s How to Get Started:

1) Pick your expression and write it on the blank line at the top of the border.
2) Think of the best way to illustrate it, fill the whole page with your drawing.
3) Sign your name on the bottom and share what you made with the others in the room.
4) “Pay it Forward” – give your special message and artwork to someone else. Go to to make more and invite your family to make a SoaringExpression message for you!