Soaring Stories®

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SoaringStories are a way to convey strong feelings or ideas to others in a creative way.

When you write a story it is an opportunity to try on other personalities or to explore different ideas and situations using the power of your imagination. Here are some stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things, the power of community, or just a funny experience that people appreciate reading about.

Your SoaringStory can inspire a hospitalized child to think about something in a new way, to laugh or smile, or to be inspired to write about his or her feelings for the first time. We look forward to sharing your SoaringStories with people all around the world.




Soaring Poets®

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Words have power and poetry can transform us.

Poems can elevate us, capture our imagination, and connect us to strong feelings. Sometimes when you read a poem you have the feeling — “that’s exactly how I feel!” Other times reading a poem is such a powerful experience that you can feel as if you have made a new friend or connected with the poet in an intimate way.

Poems are a simple way for you to express and appreciate simple things for which you are grateful. And when a hospitalized child reads your SoaringPoem, he or she will feel more hopeful and grateful as they experience something through your poet’s eyes.

Writing a poem is a wonderful way to express your signature strengths, the parts of you that really make you unique. Great poetry stands the test of time, connecting us to nature, to emotions and to feelings that make us feel alive and hopeful.

In 1803, William Blake wrote the following words which are timeless, simple and powerful.

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour.