June Newsletter

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On Mother’s Day I graduated from the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology program (affectionately known as MAPP) at the University of Pennsylvania. This is the culmination of a ten-month journey to bring scientific theory and empirical data to the Soaringwords positive interventions. The first time I graduated from Penn was 1982. It was quite a thrill to graduate from my alma-mater once more, with both of my parents and the addition of my husband Jacob and sons Jonathan and Joshua. The Soaringwords team made the trek to Philadelphia to celebrate the milestone and reclaim me, full-time, for Soaringwords. Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive of this endeavor all year. Congratulations to the magnificent class of MAPPsters, leaders from around the world, who are making significant contributions in the spheres of business, education, the arts, non-profit sector, and medicine.
My Capstone empirical research study on the efficacy of Soaringwords positive interventions with hospitalized children will be completed this summer. I look forward to sharing the findings.
Sending you strength and soaring words,
T.646-674-7105, C.917-499-3783, lisa@soaringwords.org
Accenture gives students skills to succeed The Soaringwords program was the grand finale for Accenture’s largest global meeting. It was thrilling to feel the energy of 131 newly-minted partners as they mentored 75 high school students from the Boys & Girls Club in St. Charles, IL. Together, they decorated 100 SoaringQuilts® and 100 SoaringPillows® for children at the local Ronald McDonald House and patients at St. Alexius Medical Center.  According to one executive, “today changed the way I think about myself as I was able to take a step back from the high speed life we live in and be part of a great initiative.MORE PHOTOS

Get to Work
On Take Your Child to Work Day millions of children cut school to hang out at their parents’ offices. In officess around the country, we shared Soaringwords community service projects with employees’ children at NY Life, Cisco, Merck and Horizon Media. Since hospitalized children can’t participate in the fun, we decided to bring it to them by donating SoaringQuilts and SoaringPillows decorated with inspirational messages and artwork. (Photo left: Cisco, Iselin, NJ, Photo right: New York Life, NYC) MORE PHOTOS

Dancing and friend-raising with Zumba® Fitness®Fitness

To all of you who joined us at the Zumba® Fitness Fundraiser we thank you greatly. All the money raised will support bringing Zumba® Fitness classes to hospitalized children, their families and hospital staff. The class was led by a talented ZES™ Kass Martin. Photo left Kass Martin and Gabby, cancer survivor and Soaringwords Youth Leader. SEE VIDEO

Inspiring strength Strength and greatness is inside each child, regardless of their abilities. When special needs children are invited to make Soaringwords projects for hospitalized children it energizes them and makes them feel proud. That’s why we were honored to present at the annual Ramapo For Children Youth Leadership Conference, along with 230 youth participants, from over 30 NYC metro-area agencies.


We salute Suzanne Rosenberg who has been volunteering at Soaringwords for three years. Hospitalized children, students and employee volunteers are positively disarmed by Suzanne’s warmth and powerful mother-love energy. She is the auntie you always loved the most and brings this incredible joy to all the activities she leads at PS 1; at corporate fairs; and in the hospital.
SoaringHealth & Wellness We wanted to recommend a SoaringBook to you: How to Be A Friend to A Friend Who’s Sick by Letty Cottin Pogrebin. Letty is a wonderful author, journalist, activist and friend. She turned her six weeks of chemotherapy at Memorial Sloan Kettering into a riveting and useful manual for anyone who wants to be a true friend when your friends are going through medical challenges. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to say or do the right thing, based on the unique personality of your friends and letting their needs lead your actions and words.  The book is funny, poignant and overflowing with real examples of what to do and not to do to support friends during challenging times.

Touch Points

Soaringwords has powerful leadership service project to add to your spring and summer conferences and meetings. If you know of a fabulous, hard-working, brilliant college student, we still have space in our Soaringwords summer internship program. Contact us at: 646-674-7105, heal@soaringwords.org.
Send us an email heal@soaringwords.org Give us a call 646-674-7105