The Value of High Quality Connections

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Watch author Jane Dutton and Soaringwords’ Founder Lisa Buksbaum discuss how High Quality Connections can infuse each day with meaning and well-being, even in the midst of serious illness and other setbacks. Learn how strangers and hospital employees, other patients and family members can provide High Quality Connections that can be for just a few seconds and yet have a lasting impact.


Take Your Child to Work Day

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This Thursday millions of children will be cutting school to hang out at their parents’ offices.  We are gearing up for Take Your Child to Work Day in 10 cities. Since hospitalized children can’t participate in the fun, we decided to bring it to them by donating SoaringQuilts and SoaringPillows decorated with inspirational messages and artwork.


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March Newsletter

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Spring has now arrived Daffodils push through the snow Now our spirits soar
Let’s “Spring-ahead” our step is lighter, shedding our winter armor of scarves, wool hats, mittens and heavy coats. Somehow our thoughts are more colorful, just like the daffodils and tulips that are starting to bloom. With every change there is a new beginning, my school year is coming to an end and I look forward to spending more time with my family, catching a movie, taking a walk in the park and spending more time with Soaringwords teams in schools and hospitals. Wishing you and your family a beautiful Spring holiday season.
T.646-674-7105, C.917-499-3783,
Educational Outreach Sometimes the greatest gift you can give is the gift of laughter, love and poetry! 4th grade youth leaders at P.S.1 in Chinatown created Soaring Sock Puppetsdecorated heart-shaped pillows and wrote SoaringHaikus for hospitalized children. We loved hearing how the students’ gifts inspired children in hospitals to create their own gifts for others…let’s continue to grow the circle of giving!  If you would like to write a SoaringHaiku® for hospitalized children or someone elseclick here.

Community Outreach
Students from I.S.528 and I.S.229 got a special treat on a school night. They traveled to a hip NYC hotel, met 130 global executives from Cigna and participated in a community service project. Together, the employees and students teamed up to decorate 100 SoaringQuilts and 100 SoaringPillows for hospitalized children. It was great watching the students jump into the activity, take the lead in the project, energizing and motivating the adults!We all have something to give.MORE PHOTOS

Join us at Alvin Ailey Dance Theater on Sunday, April 7

Grab your friends, grab your water bottles and get ready to shake and salsa for a great cause! Join us for a Zumba® Fitness Fundraiser to support Soaringwords. All the money raised will support bringing Zumba® Fitness classes to hospitalized children, their families and hospital staff. Hosted by a famous ZES™ Kass Martin, she has appeared on many TV shows such as The Martha Stewart Show & just recently on The Wendy Williams Show. Sunday, April 7, 1pm – 2:30pm, 3:00 – 4:30 after-party, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater405 West 55th Street, NYC 10019 (at 9th Avenue). PURCHASE TICKETS HERE

SOARING And the award for the coolest Soaringwords work station goes to PT Development employees! These physical therapists are bringing health and healing to patients every day. Your beautiful station and artwork is inspiring! Thank you for decorating SoaringQuilts and SoaringPillows for hospitalized children at Kosair Children’s Medical Center in Louisville, KY and Brenner Children’s Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC. MORE PHOTOS


Thank you to Soaringwords’ P.S.1 volunteer dream team for helping us run a weekly Educational Outreach program in Chinatown. We are grateful for their dedication to the participating students and the hospitalized children who are benefiting from each session. Last week we were transformed into puppeteers as we stitched sock puppets that were created by the P.S.1 students. Thank you to our lovely team!
If you are interested in skills-based volunteering in our offices or helping lead programs in the community, drop us an email
SoaringHealth & Wellness When was the last time you had a conversation that actually made you feel elevated and energized? High Quality Connections (HQC) is the ground-breaking theory of positive psychologist Jane Dutton. The HQC technique is easy to use and immediately changes the emotional trajectory of relationships allowing you to show esteem, dignity and care for others through active, constructive listening and being fully present, even from the first conversation. Watch my conversation with Jane Dutton, which will be shared with hospitalized patients, their families and hospital professionals.VIDEO

Touch Points

We are currently putting together “Take Your Child to Work Day” programs. Please let us know if you’d like Soaringwords to be the highlight of the day. Soaringwords also has powerful leadership service project to add to your spring and summer conferences and meetings, give us a call, 646-674-7105.
Give us a call 646-674-7105