Small gestures from your heart

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We just celebrated mother’s day although every day is Mother’s Day at Soaringwords.  This is because moms are often the emotional and practical link that keep families together when a child is ill. That’s why everything that we do for ill kids is also our way of giving moms a giant hug. Letting them know we are thinking about them and sending them love. So today and every day, if you know a mom who is grappling with illness in her family, why not send her a card, leave her a message, drop off a home-made dinner for her family, offer to drive car-pool or take the other kids for a few hours. Any of these small gestures lets her know that you are thinking about her and that you care. “Words from the heart enter the heart” and your small gesture can create an opening for healing for the mom, and the rest of the family.

You may not be excited about going to work, but she is thrilled.

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On Thursday, April 28 millions of kids officially cut school with permission from their moms and dads. It was not “senior cut day” instead, these children were carpooling, taking subways and buses to participate in the 20th anniversary of Take Your Child to Work Day. Our friends at Horizon Media, hosted fourth and fifth graders from PS 152 and gave them a VIP tour of their dazzling new offices which one student aptly named “the coolest offices ever and the best day of my life.” Wow, kind of makes you feel great about getting up in the morning. Several Horizon staffers led a friendly competition where the kids had to guess fun facts about Horizon’s iconic brands including the Geico gecko, ESPN and Visa. Soaringwords also visited Marsh & McLennan Companies in New York City and Hoboken, N.J. and met hundreds of cool kids eager to help hospitalized children. Later in the day, while leading an event at BD, for a group of engineers, we were going around the room introducing ourselves to everyone. One of the engineers introduced his daughter, Maya who loved being part of the action, although at first she was very, very shy. I asked him how old she is and got the most unusual answer ever, “she’s 2.85 years old.” Spoken like a true engineer and Maya might be next in line.

Permission to Cry

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News flash according to today’s Wall Street Journal real men do cry.

In fact, its really healthy and healing to cry. So give yourself permission to cry. You can express the overwhelming emotions you are carrying…and crying actually has a positive chemical benefit. Did you know that “Humans are the only species with the ability to shed tears in response to emotional stress? It is likely that crying endured the pressures of natural selection because it has survival value. In fact, it is one of the things that makes us human.” according to Professor William Frey, author of Crying: The Mystery of Tears. However, if your eyes tear up when you are chopping onions, nothing happens to your body internally…. except that it is really annoying, your eyes sting and your mascara runs. However, when you cry because you are EXPRESSING EMOTION, then your body produces natural painkillers called enkephalins. Cool. In fact, 90% of respondents report that they actually feel better, more unburdened after a good cry. I know that I do. Of course, if you are crying frequently, then I invite you to reach out to a professional for support. Unless of course you’re like me and you cry for Hallmark commercials, cute babies and when you laugh really hard. Click here to read the Wall Street Journal Article.