Never Truly Pausing

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Miraculously days cascade out of the sky, they glide silently into our beds while we sleep.
Upon waking, we stumble towards basin or refrigerator,
never truly pausing to embrace the awesome gift of life that blossoms each day.
Perhaps today we can savor a kind word, a hug, the smile of a stranger,
and the rush of a beautiful melody
before it evaporates into the cacophony of cellphones, reality shows,
disasters natural and man-made, to-do lists and rush hour.
Maybe today we can remember to appreciate the staggering abundance
that fills our lungs and our bellies.
Simple imperceptible miracles that comprise the fabric of our daily lives,
without us ever truly pausing to notice these awesome gifts.
Perhaps today we will look up, try to touch the sky,
or simply eat a piece of bread while actually savoring each bite.
Perhaps today we can give someone a hug like we’ve never done before,
just because we can.
Perhaps today we can relinquish our seat on the bus, our need to be right, the urgent rushing to check
the stuff off of our to-do lists.
And then, for a few shimmering moments, we might remember why we came here
and what it means to be alive.