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After inspiring thousands of children to take active roles in their own healing, Soaringwords codified its unique approach into a scientific model to enhance the wellbeing of children and teens who are ill, families, and caregivers. This evidence-based model has been tested among patients nationwide. 

Lisa is the author of  SOARING into Strength: The New Science Approach to Help You Heal. The book introduces the SOARING into Strength Model. This evidence-based model has been tested among hundreds of ill children and teens. The book  shares inspiring stories using the seven SOARING components to heal:

  • Shifting: creating shifts in your attitude, your body and overall wellbeing. 
  • Optimism: choosing to notice and celebrate good things even when times are difficult or painful.
  • Altruism: gaining a sense of control by sharing your creativity, kindness, strengths and hope with others.
  • Resiliency: flourishing even in difficult times.
  • Imagery: Connecting to your inner knowledge to heal.
  • Narrative: sharing the power of positive storytelling, reading and writing.
  • Gratitude: recognizing and celebrating moments of appreciation.

The book hi-lights fifteen inspirational stories of resilient children and families with companion workbook activities at the end of each chapter, teaching people how they can implement the SOARING approaches into their lives. These science-based exercises take only a few minutes and provide lasting emotional and physical transformation.

Strength and greatness are inside of each person. While we cannot change the circumstances of our lives, we can choose to embrace a positive attitude and actions in response to obstacles. We call this The Power to Heal and it has a positive cascading impact on your physical and emotional well-being. Stress and anxiety wear down telomeres in our body which are responsible for preserving the health of ourselves. So don’t be fooled; even though Soaringwords activities and videos are enjoyable to watch, they’re rooted in evidence-based science that we know will help you heal. They are designed to help connect you with your inner strength and greatness. Soaringwords has enriched the lives of children and teens who are ill, school children, community groups and employee volunteers throughout the world. 



Measurable Results

Soaringwords’ positive interventions increase pediatric well being for patients age 8-21

Soaringwords interventions measure changes in well-being as reflected in positive affect, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment in addition to self-reported health, hope, gratitude, strength and resilience, agency and reciprocity.

How do you feel right now?

“I feel excited”
“I feel bored”

Responses: Less than before the activity, about the same, more than before activity

Techniques You Can Use

Posttraumatic Growth

Dr. Richard Tedeschi, Professor of Psychology, University of North Carolina, Charlotte discusses how positive transformation can follow a traumatic event. ...

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