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There will be good moments and bad moments. Positive thoughts and actions can create a self-fulfilling reality actually boosting your happiness hormones and changing your body chemistry. Expect and celebrate three “random acts of kindness” and high quality connections each day and you will feel transformed.

Featured Techniques

How gritty are you?

Angela Duckworth is a MacArthur Genius award recipient and one of the humblest people you'll ever meet. Her first-ever book, ...

Posttraumatic Growth

Dr. Richard Tedeschi, Professor of Psychology, University of North Carolina, Charlotte discusses how positive transformation can follow a traumatic event. ...


Greatness is in everyone. Strength is in everyone. There’s an entire galaxy of stars, kids just like you who want ...

Character Strengths

Why Character Strengths matter. What are the unique traits that differentiate one person from another? What is "the essence of ...

Positive Psychology Educational Videos

Barbara Fredrickson: Incorporating Positivity and Love Into Each Day

Michelle McQuaid: The Importance of Play, No Matter How Old You Are

Watch 12 year old Gabby share her very own Soaring Visualization.



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Soaringwords activities are specifically designed to capture loving, positive energy from an individual and transfer that energy to patients suffering from illness. View activities that can help improve the emotional well-being of patients