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Greatness is in everyone. Strength is in everyone. There’s an entire galaxy of stars, kids just like you who want to do something nice to make ill kids feel loved and supported. Everyone has a favorite action-hero or superhero. Which one is yours?  You can invent your own Superhero or choose a famous Superhero to share with ill kids. Your Superhero can be funny and have silly powers that can make an ill child smile and laugh. Your Superhero can be brave and strong, which can make an ill child feel less scared. Your Superhero can be really kind, which can make an ill child feel comforted. Its up to your imagination!

How to Get Started:
1. Choose what kind of Superhero you want to make: 
a)  Invent your own Superhero
b)  Choose a famous Superhero 
c)  Pick a hero or heroine from mythology 
d)  Select someone from real life.  This person can be someone you  know from your family, school, neighborhood, or someone  famous from the past or present.

2. Use Soaringwords Border to draw your Superhero.

3. Write the name of your Superhero on the top of the page and then draw your Superhero using lots of colors.

4. Write one or two sentences describing his or her superpowers. You can also write a message to an ill child from your Superhero.

5. Write your name and age on the bottom of the page.

IRB Senior Banana SoaringSuperhero

To see lots of examples of Superheroes created by kids like you, click here.

Do make your picture really big, bright and colorful. Fill the entire page with your picture and message.
Don’t include illness or death in your Superhero description.
Don’t write or draw anything violent.
Don’t write “Get Well Soon” or “Feel Better” because sometimes these messages can make an ill kid feel sad.

After You Finish Your Superhero:
You can give your Superhero to a child who is ill. Or, you can mail or email it to Soaringwords and we will share your Superhero with a hospitalized child and/or post it on our website.
5 West 86th Street, Suite 1500
New York, N.Y. 10024

Watch SoaringSuperheroes video to see other kids create their hero messages: