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Scrapbooks are a fun way to make an original book based on things, moments and people you love.  Some scrapbooks are filled with pictures taken from magazines or found on the Internet. Other scrapbooks use lot of photos and words to tell a story. Scrapbooks are as unique as you are.  Scrapbooks were invented in the 15th Century and were called Commonplace Books. These books included recipes, letters and poems. Friendship albums became popular 100 years later. These books are like yearbooks where friends would sign their names and draw pictures and write nice things to the person who owned the book. These days, people make scrapbooks to save special memories – from a holiday, trip, or family celebrations. In addition to photos and images, you can put “scraps” of things into your book: a piece of ribbon, a pretty leaf or a pressed flower, postcards, shells and other trinkets.  Now you can make your very own SoaringScrapbook to treasure.  Or, you can do something special for someone else by making a scrapbook especially for a child who is ill. There are many ways to become a SoaringScrapbooker. Below are some easy instructions, choose the one that applies to you.


If you are a hospitalized kid:

You can take photos or draw pictures of your favorite doctors, nurses or favorite visitors and put them  into your scrapbook. Add stickers and make your own designs. Click here to see individual scrapbook pages that kids have created based on these different themes: My Family, People I Love, Things I Love, My Favorite Animals, Special Memories, Happy Times, My Favorite Places, My Friends

If you are a friend or a caring kid:

You can create the pages that the ill child and his or her family can fill in with their own photos, memories and words.  Here are few samples: Email us your favorite pages from the scrapbooks you have made and we will feature them on and share them with hospitalized children.