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A SoaringKeepsakeBox is a box to hold your wishes, treasures and dreams. In this box, you can hold things that are special to you (ex: photos, toys, stickers, baseball cards, your book or journal). You can also write down your wishes and dreams and place them in your box. Your wish could be for world peace, to get a good night’s sleep, or simply have your favorite dessert. You can also invite your family, friends, nurses and doctors to create messages for you to put into your box.


Keepsake Box Materials:
Box or carton (ex: shoe box, egg carton, etc.) Glue Decorative materials such as feathers, felt, sequins, pictures, ribbon, yarn, buttons, sea shells, foam shapes, wrapping paper, magazines, comic books Paper to write down your wishes and dreams
Here’s How to Get Started:
1. Decorate and personalize your box by gluing fun and meaningful things onto your box
2. Place important items in your box
3. Write your wishes and dreams on paper to put in your box
After You Finish Your Keepsake Box: Your box can be kept near you as a place to hold special things, including your wishes and dreams. Or give it to someone as a gift.