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Samantha063-222x300 Giovanna0491-231x300Haiku is a form of poetry invented in Japan. Master poets spent years writing these short poems about nature, animals and feelings. You can be a poet, too. Write a Haiku and draw a picture to make an ill child smile and laugh!

There are only three lines of words in each Haiku. The first line and last line have five syllables in them.

The second line has seven syllables in it. 5 syllables — 7 syllables — 5 syllables. You got it! Great news, Haikus do not have to rhyme.

Here’s How to Get Started:

1. Pick a subject that you want to write about (like dogs or flowers).

2. Write down a few descriptive words about your subject using the 5-7-5 syllable count.

3. After you’ve written the three lines of your Haiku poem, make a large drawing that fills up the entire page, using a lot of colors.

4. Create a title for your Haiku.  It can be mysterious so the reader has to guess what your Haiku is about or it can be very clear.

5. Write your name and age on the bottom of the page.

Pointers: Do use Soaringwords Border to write your Haiku.

Do make sure your words are legible and neat, so that the Haiku can be easily read. Your Haiku may end up on our website! Do use darker colors for the words. Don’t include illness or death in your Haiku. Don’t write “Get Well Soon” or “Feel Better” because sometimes these messages can make an ill kid feel sad.

To see lots of examples of Haikus created by kids like you, click here.

After You Finish Your Haiku: You can give your Haiku to someone who is ill. Or, you can mail or email it to Soaringwords and we will share your Haiku with a hospitalized child and/or post it on our website. Soaringwords 1 Penn Plaza, 9th Floor New York, N.Y. 10119 Watch SoaringHaiku video to see other kids create their haikus: