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Fables are a type of story or legend that have been passed down from generation to generation. In countries all around the world, they are well-known stories that have been told for years and years. Each fable has a motto or lesson at the end of the fable that teaches us something. You too can write a fable and join the thousands of children who have enjoyed making fables for hospitalized children. We know that they will love reading the special fable you wrote just for them.

Whether you are in a hospital, in school or at home, we recommend that you write your fable with another person or a few people. Together you can think of the main idea for the story and then each of you can take a turn writing a sentence or drawing an illustration.

Before you start writing your fable please watch the video below.


Fables from Aesop have been animated and adopted by Tom Lynch. If you would like to watch individual fables again, just click here and select which fable you want to watch.

Recommended Steps for Writing Your Fable:

1. We recommend that all the main characters of your fable be animals. Use attached worksheet to help you choose your animals and their characteristics. You can give them human qualities like the ability to drive a car, to talk on the phone, to laugh, to dance, or to build a house.

2. Think about the plot or action of your fable. What is the plot or the action of the story? If you are working with one person or a group take turns writing one sentence at a time.

3. Think about the moral or motto of your fable. This is the lesson that you want everyone to understand when they are done reading your fable. To see examples of fables created by kids like you, click here .

Do write your fable ideas and paragraphs on a piece of scrap paper first, so you can cross things out and play with different words.
Do use Soaringwords Border to write and illustrate your story.
Do make your picture really big, bright and colorful. Fill the entire page with your picture and message.
Don’t include illness or death in your fable.
Don’t write or draw anything violent.
Don’t write “Get Well Soon” or “Feel Better” because sometimes these messages can make an ill kid feel sad.


After You Finish Your Fable: You can give your fable to a child who is ill. Or, you can mail or email it to Soaringwords and we will share your fable with a hospitalized child and/or post it on our website. Soaringwords 1 Penn Plaza, 9th Floor New York, N.Y. 10119