Nature Inspired Healing Imagery

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Nature inspired imageries are fun and easy to do. You can close your eyes and listen to the sounds… and use your imagination. You can think about the healing feeling of rain and water when you want to wash away something annoying or irritating. Doing these healing imageries can help you find the calm within the center of the storm… when you focus on these healing imageries you can relax and take yourself a million miles away to wherever you want to be.

Scientific studies show us that doing these healing visualization create instant changes in our bodies… our breathing and heart rates slow adding to our relaxation and healing. You can listen to these imageries as often as you like. You can also create SoaringArtwork inspired by these visualizations to decorate a child’s hospital rooms.

Join us behind the scenes in the Rain Room at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC to fall in love with the rain.


Close your eyes and imagine that you are next to a giant waterfall.


Imagine yourself in the middle of the rain forest.


Enjoy the beautiful waves of the ocean.


Listen to the power of the thundershower.


Imagine you are standing next to a beautiful fountain in the middle of a lush park.

Babbling Brook

Imagine you are sitting next to a babbling brook.