Museum of Art and Design

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Watch this video to see artists and kids transform ordinary objects into works of art. You can do this, too!!!


In this video from the Museum of Arts and Design’s exhibit, Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary, you will see how artists used ordinary objects – plastic spoons, disposable chop sticks, labels from the inside of clothing, and vinyl records – and transformed them into works of art. A group of students got a chance to see this exhibit and then were inspired to create their own artwork to donate to hospitalized children. You, too, can become a SoaringArtist and make something special and unique to decorate a hospital room.

Here’s How to Get Started:

1. Think of an everyday object that you can use for your sculpture. Look around – these could include: paper cups, empty egg cartons, empty paper towel roll, yarn or thread, plastic spoons, paper clips, empty cereal boxes, paper bags, cotton balls, or paper plates.

2. See what art supplies there are in the hospital playroom, your school or house. Use brightly colored tissue paper or construction paper, glue, yarn or string.

3. Think of the concept or idea to transform your everyday objects into a masterpiece. For example, you can make your plastic spoons into a sculpture or your paper clips into a mobile.

After You Finish Your SoaringArtwork: You can put it in your hospital room or give to a hospitalized child to brighten up their room. Please email us a photo so we can post it on our website!

Here are the photos from Museum of Art and Design and the visit to Lincoln Hospital: