Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Watch the videos to see students visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit Palace of Ashurnasirpal II, about a Persian king from ancient Mesopotamia, and then create their own artwork.


Here are some interesting facts about the ancient world of Mesopotamia:

  • Mesopotamia was the very first civilization.
  • Mesopotamians invented the wheel, plow, irrigation systems and the sailboat.
  • They had many musical instruments, including the harp, reed pipes, drums, and the lyre.

Fun Activities to Do After Watching the Video: The students and the hospitalized children enjoyed the artwork from the museum tour. You can also have fun creating drawings inspired by this ancient world.

1. Grace made a picture of the Palace. You can also draw the palace, pyramids or ancient structures from Mesopotamia.

 2. Sam and Galen made a picture of one of the guards to protect a hospital room. This guard is half god/half king. You can draw your own guard.

 3. Paola and Natalie made pictures that were half-human and half-god inspired by the sculptures they saw in the Museum. Draw your own imaginary mythical creature or animal.

 4. Paul drew a colorful rainbow and included interesting pictures and information about Mesopotamia. Now it’s your turn!

5. Yacine made a “Tree of Life” with inspiring words and bright colors to show how much she cares about kids in the hospital.

See students from the Heschel High School and patients from Lincoln Hospital create artwork based on the ancient world of Mesopotamia. You can also read Lisa’s Blog Soaringwords Creates a Popcorn Explosion in Local Hospital describing this fun-filled day.                                                                                                                                                         

Here are some photos from the Palace of Ashurnasirpal to inspire you.