How Soaringwords Was Born


Click here to Watch a video with Soaringwords’ CEO & Founder, Lisa Buksbaum share the story about How Soaringwords was Born.


Lisa Buksbaum was inspired to create Soaringwords after three experiences with death and illness occurred in her family within a ten-month period.

Her only sibling, Gary, died of an asthma-induced heart attack, her dad had his second bout of lymphoma, and her son, Jonathan, was ill with rheumatic fever.

While walking along the beach during the height of Jonathan’s illness, she had a calling to launch Soaringwords to inspire millions of ill children and families to take active roles in their healing.

Since then, Soaringwords has embraced more than 500,000 children and families to inspire them to ‘Never give up!’ In addition, Lisa’s father lived for 19 years and today Jonathan is completely healed and thriving.