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Community Partners Like You

Soaringwords’ Community Partners come in all shapes and sizes – businesses, schools, small community groups and individuals motivated to share a little of themselves. Our community partners “pay it forward” by contributing to the well being of patients around the world through a wide variety of Soaringwords’ hands-on activities and fundraising events.

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Creating The Power to Heal

When you create a message for hospitalized children that communicates positivity, encouragement and kindness, you are – in that moment – creating a positive energy that has The Power to Heal. When channeled into supportive messages, this energy is felt by patients and they are – in that moment – surrounded by love.  At our events, this energy is amplified multifold into a resonating wave that is felt by everyone.

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Sharing Energy with Patients

Soaringwords collaborates with over 196 hospitals providing a deep emotional connection between community partners and patients worldwide. When patients receives the emotionally-charged, powerful, positive, creative messages from community partners – just like YOU – they know they are  loved and supported. The impact that this small act of kindness has on the emotional well being of patients is truly astounding.

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Paying it Forward

Soaringwords is the only organization that motivates ill children and their families to “pay it forward”. This action is particularly impactful on the patients themselves. It redirects their thoughts away from the “self” and their current situation. Thinking about other patients reaffirms that “they are not alone”. And, being able to re-identify as the “Caregiver” even for a moment, provides them with tremendous joy.

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Meet the Soaringwords Heroes & Heroines! These brave young patients have endured so much and yet have so much love in their hearts to Pay it Forward to others in need.





The Power to Heal

The Power to Heal

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