Gratitude Ladder

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Gratitude opens your heart and inspires you to give back to others. Gratitude can be about the appreciation of a special person in your life.

Today you are going to make a Gratitude Ladder for someone you know to show them what you appreciate most about them. Think about someone you admire, someone who is kind. Think of someone who does nice things for other people. Perhaps this person is your teacher, a parent, a special friend or a nurse or your doctor. What makes this person unique? What are the character strengths that you have seen in this person? What are special characteristics that come to your mind when you think about this person?




Here’s How to Get Started:

  1. Close your eyes and think about someone special.  Write this person’s name on the GRATITUDE BORDER from top to bottom.

  2. Look at the Soaringwords A-to-Z list of adjectives at the bottom of this page to pick a word that goes with each letter of the person’s name.

  3. Write a message of thanks to this special person.

  4. Give your message to that someone special in your life.



Be on the look-out for special people to thank each day. Notice what others do or say that make you feel good. Share your gratitude with others. “Pay it Forward” – do something kind for someone else.

A: Awesome, Amazing, Accepting, Astonishing  
B: Beautiful, Brave, Breathtaking, Bold, Bright 
C: Clever, Caring, Creative, Cool, Considerate, Curious 
D: Dedicated, Determined, Daring, Decisive, Down-to-earth 
E: Energetic, Exceptional, Elegant, Exquisite 
F: Friendly, Fair, Forgiving, Funny, Fascinating 
G: Great, Gentle, Gorgeous, Gracious, Giving, Grateful 
H: Happy, Honest, Hip, Harmonious, Hopeful, Humorous 
I: Interesting, Intelligent, Impressive, Inventive, Imaginative 
J: Jolly, Just, Joyous
K: Kind, Knowledgeable, Kindhearted 
L: Likeable, Lovely, Loving, Lively, Loves learning, Leader 
M: Magical, Mature, Marvelous, Merry 
N: Nice 
O: Open-minded, Outstanding, Original 
P: Pleasant, Positive, Productive, Playful
Q: Quiet
R: Resilient, Respectful, Realistic, Reasonable 
S: Silly, Spiritual, Social, Serious, Splendid 
T: Talented, Team-player, Trustworthy, Tough, Tenacious 
U: Unbelievable, Unique, Understanding
V: Versatile, Vivacious, Visionary 
W: Wonderful, Witty, Wildly Creative, Well Mannered 
X: (e)Xtroverted, e(X)traordinary
Y: Youthful 
Z: Zesty