Alan Muney

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For Alan Muney photography is all about capturing art in ordinary life. Through his camera lens, he frames the everyday and finds the extraordinary. An avid photographer since childhood, he uses his camera to transform the common into the memorable and unusual.  A city street reveals a superhero. His camera creates visionary views of simple things. Alan was a pediatrician for many years and lives in Connecticut. He has four children and loves to ride bicycles for fun and competition.


Below are some fun activites for you to do.

Buildings as Sculptures

Capture different shapes with your camera. Look out the window. What do you see? Look at the shapes of the buildings, trees, clouds. Look at the cars or buses or people. Now look at everything as a geometric shape: circles, triangles, squares. Do you notice anything different when you look at things this way?  Think about what you’d like to take photos of and get started. Capture different light, depending on the time of day you take your photos You can go back to the window at different times of the day when the light is changing (such as in the morning light, the mid-day sun, or the end of the day, when the sun is getting lower in the sky). How does the light affect the scene? Use your imagination when you look to the sky Since the beginning of time, people have looked skyward to observe the clouds, the stars and the expansiveness of the sky. Look at the clouds and see if you see any shapes that strike your fancy or remind you of things. Maybe there is a dinosaur or horse galloping across the sky, or a football or lollypop shaped cloud.  Take pictures of clouds that you like.

Boat-loads of Fun

In these photos, Alan captures different moods based on color and composition (shapes in the photos). The first image, boat in snow appears to be geometric shapes against a snowy white background. Find an object in your room and arrange it in such a way that you can make it the subject of your photograph. In the second photo, Alan has created an abstract image of a boat and its reflection. This photo almost looks like a painting. Find an object that you really like and take a photo of it so becomes an abstract image. For example, take your hair brush and photograph it up close so that the bristles start to look like bowling pins or some kind of antennae from a bug. Have fun experimenting with your camera to see how  many things you can photograph in a way that disguises the identity of the object. In the third photo of fishing boats in Morocco, the boats are tied up so close together that they make a pattern. In fact, it is hard to tell where one boat stops and the next boat starts. Look at the stunning color of blue and how the red on the man’s clothing really pops out of the picture.  Find things in your room, such as plastic spoons, drinking cups, or other objects and see if you can arrange them in a way to make a pattern.


Alan takes ordinary objects of keys and shows us how to find beauty in something very basic. Are there things in your room that you can photograph in an unusual way? Write a story about these keys? What do they unlock? What is located behind the doors that are locked? Your story can be a mystery, funny, or an adventure.


In this photo, Alan transforms a pair of sunglasses into a pop icon. If you look closely you can see street scene in the reflection. Photography is all about seeing the world in creative ways. Look at someone’s face (for a portrait) or set up some objects in your room to become a still life. Try taking pictures from different vantage points such as lying down in your bed, sitting on a chair in the room, walking to a different part of the room. See what happens when you take a photo really close up to the subject and what happens to the photo when you take the picture from further away. Write a story about sunglasses that have magic properties.


Photographs are picture stories in time, images captured in a moment, before the person or subject or photographer simply moves away. In this photo, Alan discovers a wonderful moment where a man enters the frame and stands next to the super hero mural. In this moment, he became part of the story and the photographer captures it all with this photo. All he needs is a cape! Is there a mural or special place that you’d like to photograph?  Perhaps you can go there and take some photos and see what happens.

Morning Glory

There is a reason that this majestic flower has such an elegant name and Alan surely has captured the light and beauty radiating from this Morning Glory flower. Take photos of flowers. If you are in the hospital and cannot have flowers, perhaps you can make a picture of flowers and then experiment with the camera to take close up photos of your pictures. See what happens.

Perry’s Passion

In this beautiful photo, Alan accomplishes a lot of things. You can’t pick more basic images than a bunch of rocks, sand, and some water. Yet Alan transforms these elements into a powerful image. You can see so many different colors in the rocks. You can feel the water gently washing over them. You can see so many different patterns in the sand. The best photographers are the ones who see things of great beauty that perhaps most people would not even notice. Look around you is there something you’d like to photograph. Ask someone to bring you some leaves from outside or even arrange some basic things from your room — a towel, toothbrush, some napkins. Play with texture and shapes, colors and composition (the way you lay out the objects for your photo). Have fun making art photos from everyday things.

Ferris Wheels

         These ferris wheels capture our imagination and make our spirits soar. Perhaps you can hang something from your IV pole and twirl it around and try to take a photo of it in mid-air. Ask someone in the pediatric lounge if you can decorate a white paper plate with different color crayons, markers, and glue things onto it.  Then you can take photos of your very own flying saucer.